Sunday, May 15, 2005

Revolutionary Jet Service

“It will revolutionize how we travel in this country,” is how Don Burr characterized his new start-up company, Pogo (, on a TV show I watched this morning. He was talking about the new company that he and Robert Crandall, former CEO of American Airlines, are starting with 150 Very Light Jets (VLJs). I wrote about the concept in BoomtownUSA, calling it one of the new technologies that would accelerate the move to the agurbs®.

Their planes will carry four passengers along with the two pilots, flying at around 400 mph. Burr expects to price the service at $6/mile for peak times and ½ of that amount for off-peak. Their ideal client will be flying around 400 to 500 miles. Their scheduling will be done in real-time via the internet, scheduling flights all over the country.

As an example of the advantages of their service, if I was traveling to Bentonville, AR, the distance driving is 435 miles or about 7 hours drive time from my home in Effingham, IL. If I was going to fly commercially it would take about 4 hours from the time I left home. With Pogo, the distance is 350 miles (you fly directly there), taking about 1 hour and costing about $500/person. Granted, the cost is a bit more than the alternatives, but what is your time worth? At around $50/hour, Pogo becomes a very viable alternative way to travel.

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