Monday, September 29, 2008

Ten Years as a Community Foundation

The Armstrong County Community Foundation in Armstrong, PA invited me in to help them celebrate their tenth anniversary. The foundation started when the local Merchants Bank pledged $100,000 to be paid over a five year period to help launch the foundation’s establishment.

Today, from that tiny beginning the foundation has grown to over $4 million in assets, set into 50 separate funds and distributing $200,000 in 80 separate grants to local non-profits and scholarship recipients.

Patty Kirkpatrick, president of the board for the foundation told me of a new innovative approach to giving, “We’re starting a brand new grant to help us celebrate our tenth anniversary. We’ve going to give special $10,000 grant to a non-profit in the community and let everyone in the community vote for the winning organization.”

The polls opened on September 22nd and will close on October 3rd to see which non-profit will be awarded the $10,000.

Later in the week, I urged the Lost River Valley in Idaho to look at setting up a community foundation, telling them that it was the top thing that I would do in every community that I’ve visited to date. It is by far the best long term investment that a community can make. I’m thrilled that Merchants Bank had the foresight ten years ago to help set up the Armstrong County Community Foundation.


Mindy Knappenberger said...

Hi, Jack ~
The Armstrong County Community Foundation is in Armstrong County, PENNSYLVANIA.
Thanks :)

BoomtownUSA said...

Mindy: Oops...I'm on the road too much when I get states mixed up. Thanks for catching that error. I've changed it. Had a great time in Armstrong County, PA!