Monday, September 22, 2008

Inspiring Millennials!

“One quick story—the young lady (14 years old) who was in the audience that night was so inspired that she went home and started immediately working on a web business she has talked about for a while. Her mom told me that she commented that if the kids in your presentation could do it, so could she!”

It’s emails like that that really get me pumped up!!! Kevin Sheilley, head of ED for NorthWest KY Forward, which I blogged on last week, sent it to me after I was there. I had picked Heather out because she was the only young person in the room, when I started doing my stories on her generation of 10 to 27 year olds, called the Millennial Generation. As most of you know, this new generation is going to be the most entrepreneurial in the history of the USA.

What if each of us could inspire someone like Heather to start her own business? Think of the impact we could make in our small towns? Will you help me by doing it in YourTown, USA?

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