Monday, July 07, 2008

Small Wander

“I’d been a long term volunteer for the local arts council in Hillsborough, NC. I started to travel around to see what other people were doing in their towns and saw some very neat things going on but no one knew about them,” John Delconte was telling me about the genesis for his idea for The website is a wonderful compilation of what to see and do in small towns around NC but John has plans to expand it nationwide from the current four (NC, WV, VA and SC).

He went on, “The overall concept is to connect travelers who love small towns with the towns. So, we have two clients, the towns and the travelers. We hand-pick the towns, and try to help them to network and communicate with each other to improve and market their product, then we will use the web to get the info about these gems to the public. Smaller towns need to band together to leverage their marketing dollars.”

It’s good to see thinking “out of box” on how we can better promote the wonderful attributes of small town America.

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