Friday, July 18, 2008


I’ve always said that you can’t get entrepreneurs started early enough. Here’s a new company that hopes to turn hundreds, if not thousands of five to fifteen year olds into entrepreneurs….and for only $25.

Franchild is the brainchild of Ralph Williams who started the company after his sons Patrick and Joe, ages 8 and 6, started a business selling beeswax candles. When their first month sales of $500 yielded them $125 in profit they asked their dad why other kids around the country couldn’t do the same thing.

For just $25 Franchild will give a youngster the start of her/his own beeswax candle, organic soap, and apparel or jewelry business. For an additional $2/month they also will get their own business webpage.

While, I’m certain that there won’t be any great fortunes made on these four business ideas, the life lessons that will be learned from operating their own business could put some young people onto the path of becoming business legends.

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