Thursday, May 01, 2008


It really was a surprise when we drove up to the Surprise Valley Hot Springs, a wonderful retreat that sits at the center of the valley surrounded by the Warner Mountains and Nevada’s Hays Range. It doesn’t get much more secluded than this.

Manager Nicki Mulnholland told me, “The resort was started by Great Grandpa Rose who bought the hot spring dotted property in the 1950s and began building a hotel on the site. Grandpa Rose, 91, still lives on the property.” He is rumored to love cherry turnovers.

Each of their 17 rooms has a different theme to it ranging from the Cape Cottage Suite to the Out of Africa. One of their favorite promotions is the Fly-N-Soak Package aimed at private pilots who can fly into the nearby Cedarville Airport (elevation 4,623’—runway 4,415’ asphalted and lighted), get a complimentary car and stay at the Springs. With the new Very Light Jets (VLJ) that I’ve written extensively about, the Bay Area will be less than an hour from a wonderfully relaxing soaking.

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