Thursday, May 15, 2008

Premiumization of Chocolate--Stepping it Up

One of the top ten trends that I identified in January for 2008 was the premiumization of products. Here is what I wrote, “Premiumization—It started with coffee but has been embraced in many other products like honey, chocolate, vodka, cheese, breweries and others.”

I’ve discovered a company that is carrying this idea of premiumization to a new level. Sir Hans Sloane, in England, has clients sit down with its master chocolatier, Bill McCarrick, to discover which types and flavors of chocolate they enjoy most. Just as a master vintner might help a wine connoisseur stock their wine cellar, Sir Hans Sloane is helping them to determine which chocolates they are going to like best.

Don’t you think that will help them to build life-long customers?

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