Thursday, July 05, 2007

New Ten Commandments

“The Ten Commandments of Community Leadership” is Maury Forman’s newest book, which he co-authored with Michelle Harvey of the Association of Washington Cities. Maury is a good friend who is an icon in economic development in the northwest. This is his ninth book on economic development and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Each of his new ten commandments has a number of sub-headings with ideas and tools that relate to that commandment:

Thou shalt create a vision for the future

Thou shalt develop a strategic plan

Thou shalt build a sustainable economy for the next generation

Thou shalt seek public/private partnerships

Thou shalt invest in education and training

Thou shalt promote respect

Thou shalt demonstrate a high standard of ethical behavior

Thou shalt value history, art and culture

Thou shalt prepare for a global environment

Thou shalt develop future leaders

Maury and Michelle’s book is one that many ED professionals are going to want to buy for their boards and allies. To order contact Linda Alongi at or 360-725-4031. Cost is $10

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