Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Signs From the Road

In traveling around the world there are always signs that catch your fancy. Most are pretty easy to understand. Others require some explanation. Here are the ones that we found to be the best.

Both Betinha and my favorite was in a restroom in Cambodia. Neither of us could ever remember having tried this particular maneuver but can understand why it might be frowned upon.

We also had never seen a road sign quite like this one, also in Cambodia.

Perhaps the Arab world’s distaste for American culture is from Hollywood. This was the only TV show we saw promoted there.

Neighboring Qatar seemed to have a more serious problem, a shortage of sand. Who knew? Do you think we could get them to take sand for oil?

We were enchanted by New Zealand; from the time we exited the airport and saw this welcoming sign to their country.

But we didn’t spend much time in Kawakawa, which touted their world famous toilets as a main attraction.

I was glad that we took a back road that had about one car every half hour when we stumbled upon the world’s longest named town. Sorry but it takes three photos to properly capture this one.

We got to Taupo too late to partake in their version of golf at the local shrimp farm.

And, we found that there are always crabby folks everywhere.

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