Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Moving Memorial

On a Viet Nam battlefield in 1965 Tom Miller held his mortally wounded friend, making a vow that his death would not be forgotten. Twenty years later he and others who had made similar vows finally selected a spot on the high glacial moraine near Neillsville, WI as the site for the Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans Memorial. From those humble beginnings, The High Ground Veterans Memorial Park has evolved into a wonderfully peaceful yet moving tribute to the many who fought and fell.

Run entirely by volunteers, The High Ground is open 365 days per year, with planned events from January through November. The 140 acre park includes over four miles of walking trails and a view of a half million acres of spectacular Wisconsin woodland and glacial moraine from the park’s plaza.

I was impressed with what a group of dedicated, motivated individuals can do without any federal or state funding.

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