Sunday, July 23, 2006

Back From Vacation

We got back from vacation last weekend and I took this past week off from blogging to catch up on some Agracel issues and to get some new research started in some areas that I studied while on vacation. Hopefully, you’ll see some of that research in future blogs and in our ezine.

We made the 2800 round trip without any major incidents. Our twins and their three friends (Matt, Brendon and Jake) were wonderful traveling partners. While I was hoping to show them this wonderful country we have, they spent most of the time sleeping. I’m still trying to decide if it was because they were really tired or it was an escape mechanism to avoid having to pay attention to how I was driving. They painted (non-permanent) the van with “The Road King and His Traveling Companions” on one side and “Party Barge” on the other.

We were all deeply moved by the Oklahoma City National Memorial in honor of the 168 people (including 19 children) who were killed in an act of domestic terrorism on April 19, 1995. It is a powerful place.

James wanted to show his friends where he was going to be going to school at Norman, OK. We did a quick walking tour of the campus.

Anytime we are in south Texas, I insist on stopping in Kingsville, TX to visit the King Ranch Saddleshop. Their store and 70 page catalog developed out of a small shop on the ranch, which dates back to 1853. My wife lived on the King Ranch in Brazil for 23 years and my mother in law is an authority on their history.

We hadn’t been to South Texas in over five years and I was surprised at the growth taking place in the area. It is obvious that trade with Mexico is a very positive factor as is the number of retirees who are flocking to the area.

The only negative part of the trip was getting caught in a speed trap along with a host of others in East St. Louis, IL. Aren’t there real criminals like drug dealers, robbers, etc. they should be chasing on beautiful Saturday afternoons? I don’t take those tickets well.

It’s great to be back.

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