Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What if There Was No Yellow Brick Road?

“What if there hadn’t been a Yellow Brick Road?” Mark Townsend, a local farmer asked, starting off a visioning session for Blackford County, IN. “The Tin Man wouldn’t have gotten a heart. The Scarecrow wouldn’t have gotten a brain. The Lion wouldn’t have gotten courage. Dorothy would have never gotten back to Kansas. And, Toto would probably be out chasing hogs. But instead, with heart, courage and intelligence they got to the Land of Oz. If we can do the same thing we can bring life back to our community.”

Jim Dittoe of Winning Communities was conducting the sessions, something he is doing in a number of towns and invited me to give my talk to assist in helping to shape the discussions on a vision. There were some great ideas expressed, an obvious love for the community shown by many in the room and a determination to make something happen in the county.

Do you know where you are going as a community? How are you going to get there?

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