Friday, November 04, 2005

Inspired to Return Home

“After reading your book, I was inspired to return home to try to make a difference,” Steve Gilbert relayed to me yesterday after my talk at the Texas Workforce Conference in Houston. “I’m going back home to Stroud, OK to become city manager and head of economic development.” Stroud is a town of 2,700. Steve is leaving a position as Director of Workforce and Economic Development in Tulsa, a much bigger town.

Someone does not tell me this everyday, which is why I am reporting it to you on my blog. It seems like we’ve struck a nerve with people with BoomtownUSA that is growing in magnitude with each passing month. I’m getting more and more request to give talks, am visiting some wonderful towns and helping to spread the word about the great things happening in small towns all over the country.

Thanks to each of you who are helping me in this effort. I believe that we are onto something with our movement and all of you are helping to get the word out.

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