Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mr. Agracel 2008

Each year at Agracel we try to raise money in different ways to help support the very needy charities of our local United Way. This year Lynn Higgs, our own fundraising dynamo, decided to hold a competition with myself, Agracel’s president Dean Bingham and CFO Mike Mumm competing for the very prestigious title of being known as Mr. Agracel for the rest of this year.

Votes were collected in donations for the favorite candidate throughout the month of November with a total of over $3,000 raised in the effort.

I am very pleased to report that Dean Bingham is the new Mr. Agracel. He was honored on Thursday with an outfit chosen by Lynn and her “dress the guy” committee. Dean is shown in the photo receiving congratulations from Linda Hemmen, head of United Way, and Tina Schwinke, the campaign chair for 2008.

A complimentary lunch was given by Chuck Keller at his elegant Hilton Garden Inn to Dean and our team, along with a complimentary manicure, pedicure and hair cut given by Desiree Wasser of The Beauty Shop and also a pair of the famous Sarah Palin glasses donated by Eric Zeller of Visionary Eyewear.

I can’t wait to see Dean’s manicure on Monday!

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