Thursday, November 06, 2008

Miner to Publisher

Some people and many athletes have an incredible desire to succeed/win. I met one of those people at my talk in Sesser. “I want you to meet Jim Muir,” Mayor Mitchell introduced, “one of those miners I told you about who lost their job when all of the mines here closed their doors. Unlike a lot of them, Jim went back to college got a degree in journalism and started his own magazine last year.”

After Jim and I chatted for a few minutes, he went out to his car and returned with three of his latest issues of
Southern Illinois Sports Connection, a four-color 50 to 60 page monthly magazine that is chock full of interesting information on high school, college and community sports in the southern ¼ of IL. From his first issue in August, 2007 it looks as though the magazine has grown each month.

It continues to inspire me, when I meet new entrepreneurs like the Jim Muir’s of the world who when are handed lemons of losing their job, take those lemons and make something better for themselves.

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