Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Millennial Entrepreneurs in GA

Dara Barwick, who runs the entrepreneurial focus for GA ED, is an energetic advocate for youth entrepreneurs in her state. She shared several examples of ones who presented at their annual E-Summit at the Economic Gardening Gathering in Steamboat Springs, later sending me more information. They’ll go into my collection of the stories of these young people who are starting businesses at very young ages.

Haley Kilpatrick started Girl Talk in Albany, GA (population 77,730) at the age of 15 to help middle and high school girls develop team leadership skills, learn the value of community service and participate in self-esteem boosting activities all through the power of student-to-student mentoring. Today, her social entrepreneur endeavor has grown into the fastest growing nonprofit mentoring program in the entire USA, with programs in 24 states and several foreign countries. Over 30,000 girls are currently enrolled in the program and Haley’s goal is to more than double that number, reaching all 50 states by 2010.

Hunter Brock is a teenager who runs his
own carriage company in Arabi, GA (population 456). His focus is primarily on weddings but he also offers relaxing rides in the country for birthdays, family reunions or any other special occasion.

If you’ve got examples of young people starting businesses, please send them to me. I’ve got dozens of examples but would like to expand my collection of their wonderful stories.

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