Wednesday, June 01, 2005

BANANAs Derail Boccie

A massage parlor, a skate park, even a little league ball field might get some people riled up in a few towns. But, a boccie ball court? It is the perfect non-impact; no-noise sport, played primarily by little old men. It’s the Italian version of lawn bowling! How could you be against that?

But the town of Clayton, CA (population 10,762) is in a huff about the city’s plans to build an eight-court center. The town is an aging retirement center, with a medium age of 40.2 years compared to the national average of 35.3. Average household income is an astounding $101,651, almost 2 ½ times the national average!

And, even though some residents like their boccie ball, there is a coalition that is concerned that there will be noisy cheers, litter and even wine drinking. “There’s more violence at Little League,” Mayor and boccie ball player Gregory Manning said, “At least with boccie, we don’t have the parents there.”

The Clayton City Council caved into the BANANAs, Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything, and has nixed the plans for the courts on city-owned land across from the police station.

How many other towns pay more attention to the BANANAs than in trying to improve their community?

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