Monday, March 16, 2009

Switching to Twitter

After sitting out from the blogging scene for several months, I’ve decided to switch more of my energy from blogging to tweeting. I will continue to post some blogs when I have items that I want to expand upon. However, I’ve found that being able to quickly put out a number of items in one day on Twitter allows me to look at more items and is of greater interest.

Since I started blogging in late 2004, I’ve done just under 2,000 blogs. With Twitter, I’ve done over 200 tweets in less than two months.

You can sign up for my twitter account at

I also have recently started a facebook page which you can access at

I hope that you will continue to stay in touch and let me know what you are doing in your towns. Feel free to email me at anytime at


bizdirector said...

While Twitter has some advantages (obviously, the "immediacy" factor), I'm not sure it's a substitute for the well-written, informative posts you've put up since 2004.

As someone who has also been at blogging since 2004, I understand the commitment it takes to continually keep coming "back to the well." 2000 posts--impressive!!

While I'm a reluctant user of Twitter, and other social media, I personally feel much of the ballyhoo and hype lends more credence to the medium than it deserves. As an "old school" guy, I also dislike how it contributes to our continued "dumbing down" of our communication.

I will add you to my follow list, however, because I value whatever you bring to the conversation.


Jim/Words Matter
aka bizdirector/Working in Maine

BoomtownUSA said...

Very well said, especially about dumbing down!

Anonymous said...

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Robert said...

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