Thursday, October 30, 2008


Becky McCray writes a wonderful blog on small town business survival from Alva, OK. She keeps me informed about some of the wonderful things that are going on in north-central OK. Recently, she sent me an email on a program in nearby Enid, OK. Here is what she told me:

ROOTs, which stands for Recognizing the Opportuni-ties of Tomorrow, is a local organization comprised of volunteers who want to show the bright students of Garfield County they don’t have to leave the area to find bigger and better things.“Our goal is for them to complete their education and come back to Enid to start their families and careers,” said ROOTs volunteer Jennifer Kisling.The organization began in 1996 when the group’s founders noticed the top students in the area were going away to college and then moving to larger cities searching for opportunity.“(ROOTs) is designed to show (high school) juniors in Garfield County what Enid has to offer,” said Kisling.

The two day program is aimed at the top juniors in the local high school. How about doing something like this in your town?

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Becky McCray said...

Jack, thank you for the kind compliment!

The information is from the Enid News and Eagle, Enid's daily paper. They have a terrific online edition with an RSS feed.

I've emailed the Kislings for a bit more information to share, and I'll forward it as soon as I receive it.

I think it sounds like a great program, and I hope many more communities pick up on the idea!