Thursday, June 26, 2008

Entrepreneurship Education Funded by Entrepreneurs

Some of the other ideas for new businesses at the Camp E3 that I wrote about yesterday were: Green House, a green house design center; The Heart, a movie, dance and laser tag club; Vibe, a coffee shop and dance club; and Crossroads Cultural Center, an international educational center. Some very creative ideas that these young people put together in only two days!

This fall we, as a county, are starting our first entrepreneurship course with five of the seven county high schools sending students to the course. The course originated as a community-altering idea of Joe Fatheree, Illinois Teacher of the Year in 2007. He and a group of local entrepreneurs raised over $150,000 in funds from local businesses and have the program funded for the next three years. Twenty-four students will take the hour and a half classes five days per week for the entire school year.

Effingham County entrepreneurs understand the importance of both education and of nurturing new, young entrepreneurs. What are you doing in your community?

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