Thursday, April 03, 2008

Restoring Old Grandeur

When Charles Beardmore opened the 32,000 sf Beardmore Block in 1922 there was a gala celebration in Priest River, ID (population 1,754). The facility was the center of life in Priest River, housing the local theater, Beardmore’s timber and mining offices, a department store, butcher shop, grand ballroom and hardware store.

As with many old buildings in small towns, the building has gradually deteriorated, needs a new roof and become a bit of an eye-sore. A year and a half ago, Beardmore’s great grandson Brian Runberg decided he wanted to preserve the unique building. Runberg is a Seattle architect and developer who used to spend his summers in Priest River.

I was in Priest River two years ago and was incredibly impressed with the way that the natural beauty of the region is attracting so many people to the community. Runberg probably said it better, “This building is a tangible link between the rich heritage of Priest River and its future as an emerging region in the early 21st century.”

Runberg is pursuing Gold-Certification for the building, planning to recycle 95% of all of the materials used in the reconstruction. Plans include professional office suites on the upper floor and retail on the ground floor with the old theater reopened.

It’s great to see someone come back home and resurrect the heritage of the community.


Vaune Dillmann said...

I have a microbrewery in the City of Weed Ca.96094
Our name is very unique as you can imagine. We need some help because A.T.F. said the name is promoting an illegal drug and we can not use our towns name on our beer products.any thoughts?
Vaune Dillmann - Owner
1-800-WEEDALES (933-3253)

BoomtownUSA said...

I loved my visit to Weed in March and wish that I had gotten a chance to visit your brewery. I would probably take a multi-pronged approach in fighting the ATF in your fight.

1. I would go on the offensive and try to get someone in the media to take up your cause. You should be able to have a lot of fun with it. "What next, they are going to have us change the name of the town to flower, or grass, or someother name?"

2. I'd look at how I tied in both the name of the town (which you are already doing) and the name of the founder of the town into your label. Is the ATF going to make Samuel Adams change their name?

3. I'd get some legal help to fight them.

I hope that some of these help. Let me know how you come out in your fight.