Monday, January 14, 2008

Interesting Signs

One of the fun things Betinha and I found in our around the world trip, was the number of humorous signs we saw. Our trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe yielded a similar sampling. Here are some of our favorites.

Now that all planes are non-smoking, who would have thought that you’d have to warn people not to smoke if the oxygen masks drop from the ceiling? Although I’m not a smoker, I’m not sure that having one last smoke would be the first thing that would pop into my mind.

We made sure to go Dead Slow when we saw this sign, although other vehicles seemed to ignore it.

We were sure glad to see that they still allowed walking, fishing and squatting in Stellenbosch, although not much else.

The Wolfgat Nature Park was even more accommodating, even allowing you to walk with someone!

Our son Joseph seemed intent upon promoting ZBT, his fraternity at Monmouth College, although we weren’t sure who, out on safari.

We were happy to see what the British bought from their colonies.

And, even though this photo was taken on our trip to Cambodia, it is still our favorite. Who knew that you had to let people know that this was how you correctly used a toilet.

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