Monday, December 10, 2007

Tribute to a True American Hero

Sherman Jones grew up in Spade, TX (population 100), a very small and declining town 30 miles northwest of Lubbock. The closest town is Littlefield, TX (population 6,507), ten miles east of Spade.

He dropped out of high school in 1948, entering the army. Serving in the Korean War he became a prisoner of war and forced on the infamous Korean Death Watch in which he was only one of three survivors from the 300 who started. When released he returned home and never did graduate from high school.

That is, until the last class to ever graduate from Spade High School made up of only six students asked him to be an honorary graduate. The
nine minute video is a nice tribute to an American hero and a very caring group of young people from a small town in Texas.

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