Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sprucing Up Empty Storefronts

One of the challenges of many small towns, is how to keep the downtown looking vibrant when you’ve got a few vacancies. I’ve seen several towns try to keep the big downtown display windows full with promos for other stores, high school boosterism and other demonstrations.

But, I recently learned of a company in England that is taking the idea of filling those empty storefronts to a new level. It sounds to me like an idea that could make sense to explore.

Motomedia has developed a “Street Level Billboard” that uses cutting edge technology, motion sensors and rear projection screens to present animated visuals complete with sound. Adding Bluetooth-enabled software allows additional information to be transmitted to a viewer’s cell phone. Future technology will allow a viewer to move blocks of information on the screen, just like the Apple iPhone.

Keep your eye on this new technology application.

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