Tuesday, August 21, 2007

World’s Largest Christmas Store

Wally Bronner was born and raised in Frankenmuth, MI. His father was a skilled mason and contractor who spoke German to his children at home. After high school Wally started a sign and display company that grew into doing outdoor Christmas decorations and eventually into a Christmas store on Main Street.

From that small store Bronner’s Christmas store has grown to over 300,000 square feet, the size of 5.5 football fields. In that building you will find over 50,000 trims and gifts and 250 full time employees. The business has grown into a wholesale operation to over 1,000 other Christmas shops, a catalog sent to over 5 million people and a rapidly growing internet operation.

It is a sight to see!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jack,

This is Harry. I was born in the Flint area. There is an icon in Flint that is knwn throughout the world, It is called Angelo's Coney Island. There is one on Franklin and one on Bristol in Burton out by Bishop International airport. Order a Coney and it is just like the one's I had at our little Custard shop in Effingham. Anyway I hope you are still in town to see some other places. (Flint is not know for beig the safest town so becareful.) Flint is a very depressed town due to the current job market there. Crime is high (2nd only to St.Louis per Capita.) Bronner is great and the Chicken dinners in Frankenmuth are scrumptuous. If you get a chance to go to Saugatuck area on the west side of Michigan on Lake Michigan, It is known for many very famous actors and actress' that shop and live in that area. Very picturesqe area with a downtown on the lake that is reminesecent of timesin the 1920's era. Anyways have a great trip and talk to you later-


BoomtownUSA said...


BoomtownUSA said...

Harry: Great to hear from you. I had a wonderful time in Frankenmuth but wish I'd known that you were from that area before I visited.

I miss your custard stand and still have an urge to stop by whenever I drive by on Evergreen.