Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Generosity in the Heartland

I’ve always thought that rural folks and people from small towns were more giving that those in large cities. I’ve not been able to quantify that conviction and still can’t but a new report by the New Tithing Group shows that rural states tend to be the biggest givers on a per capita basis.

New Tithing measured the giving of affluent taxpayers (those earning more than $200,000) and looked at that giving in relation to the aggregate wealth of each state over a six year period. Here are their rankings of the top 15 states: UT, OK, NE, MN, GA, WY, SC, CO, MS, NC, ND, SD, IA, AL, OR and AL.

The five wealthiest states of CA, NY, FL, TX AND IL ranked 21st to 41st in their level of giving.

While not a definitive study that supports my premise that rural is more giving than urban, it sure is some good ammunition for me until I find a better study.

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